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sex position Standing Wheelbarrow 0 Try This Sex Position: Standing Wheelbarrow

That means we have a new sex position for you to try: Standing Wheelbarrow.

Ok. The first thing you got to know about this sex position is that it can be very physically demanding. If you haven’t gotten any exercise in several years, you might want to skip this one.

The Standing Wheelbarrow sex position is very similar to the wheelbarrow races you may have participated at a BBQ or county fair, however with one significant difference: vaginal penetration.

To assume this sex position, we’re going to need the ladies to lay down on their stomachs. If your floors are really dirty, give them a quick sweep before you have sex or put a blanket down to cover the dirt.

Ladies, lift one leg and have your man catch it. Then lift the other leg. Once elevated by your strong man, the ladies are going to need to elevate themselves with their arms. Team work!

Guys, once your lady is in the wheelbarrow position, make sure to hold her by the pelvis or the waist for greater support. Once that’s done, enter her from behind as you would normally.

One great benefit of the standing wheelbarrow sex position is that you are completely mobile. You’re free to roam around the bedroom, house, or possibly National park as much as you want.

Whatever you do, don’t drop your lady. She’ll be very upset with you. If you’re having trouble maintaining this sex position, don’t worry. Like I said at the beginning, this is an extremely physically demanding sex position.

Before fatigue sets in and ruins your sex completely, return to the doggystyle sex position:

sex position Standing Tiger Crouching Dragon 0 Try This Sex Position: Standing Wheelbarrow


Good luck everyone!

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sex position The Fusion 0 Try This Sex Position: The Fusion

It’s time for you all to try another new sex position. This one is called the the Fusion.

Ok guys, this is what you have to do:

Sit back and stretch your legs out so your partner can sit on your lap. Make sure your hands are to the side and your shoulders are elevated.

Ladies, sit on your partner’s lap, facing him. Rest your legs on his shoulders.

Now you’re in the sex position known as the Fusion.

Ladies, your man is just here supporting you in this position. It’s your job to be active. So just swivel, grind, and let yourself go. But also guys, you don’t want to just sit there. Elevate your hips a little with your woman’s rhythm.

WARNING: this sex position may lead to very intense female orgasms because the muscular tension advances the orgasm.

It’s important to remember that communication is key during sex, especially when trying a new sex position.

Ladies, if you’re worried about cumming too quickly, or guys if your shoulders are getting tired, resume the cowgirl sex position immediately.

sex position The Cowgirl 0 Try This Sex Position: The Fusion

Good luck everyone. Make sure you tell us about your own experience with this new position in the comments.

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sex position Waterfall 0 Try This Sex Position: The Waterfall

This weekend, try this sex positionThe Waterfall.But before you try this sex position, make sure that at least one of you is flexible.

Move to the edge of the bed, couch, table, desk, or hood of the car.

Guys, you’re going to want to lean back all the way until your shoulders and head hit the floor/ground.

Gals, this is when you’re going to want to straddle your man.

This sex position is called the Waterfall because lying on your back in this way will send blood rushing to your head (like the way water rushes down a waterfall). This rush of blood to the head will cause intense sexual sensations that has a high chance of ending in orgasm.

If you feel any discomfort in the head or shoulder region, or if you think you’re going to pass out while attempting the Waterfall sex position, it is imperative that you sit up, move back onto the bed and resume the missionary sex position.

sex position Missionary 0 Try This Sex Position: The Waterfall

Good luck everyone. Make sure you tell us about your own experience with this new position in the comments.

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