sex position Butter Churner 0 Try This Sex Position: Butter Churner

This week we want you to try a more advanced sex position, one that could be potentially very dangerous but extremely erotic.

The sex position is called the butter churner and here how it’s done.

Ladies are going to want to lay down on their backs to begin. Once you’re lying down, raise your legs over your head all the way until most of your weight is on your shoulders.

The reason I say that this sex position is potentially very dangerous is because the woman could inadvertently apply a tremendous amount of pressure on her head or neck. To prevent that, make sure you place some pillows around the woman.

Guys, when your lady has her legs over her head, squat over her while holding her legs or ass for support and dip your penis in and out. Thrust lightly so that you can avoid stressing your lady’s neck.

One thing that the ladies will find when trying this sex position is that though it is kind of awkward and unpleasant to look at, the butter churner sex position is actually quite pleasurable because of the amount of blood that flows to the woman’s head.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable while attempting this sex position, ladies I’m talking specifically to you and your neck, abs, back, whatever, stop churning the butter and resume sex in the doggystyle sex positon.

sex position Standing Tiger Crouching Dragon 0 Try This Sex Position: Butter Churner


Good luck everyone and remember to share your experiences of attempting the butter churner sex position in the comments.

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