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Tree Pose Sex Position

I had no inspiration this week because my boyfriend left for a work retreat. I have been spending all my nights at the Yoga Studio and really making sure to be very flexible and lean for when he comes back. After reading one of my favourite blogs, I finally got inspiration for a new position I want to try. Chico Dusty calls it the Ballet Dancer, I decided that I would call it the Tree Pose because it resembles my favourite yoga position. I tried this position a long time ago at a party when I just started dating my boyfriend. It was a small bathroom and it was so gross I didn’t feel like leaning back on the counters, perfect position for a crawl space!

Here’s how it goes:

The man has to have a steady stance and the woman needs to take her weaker leg and wrap it around the guys thigh. This position is very tricky if you’re not the perfect height for each other, the best height would 3 inch difference between the guy and the girl. The guy needs to squeeze you against him, making sure that you are safe. If you are self conscious about your stomach area, this might not be the best position; you might feel like your belly is jammed against his belly and pelvic area.

Tree Pose Sex Position

Also, you might want to try this sex position when you are very passionate, you can’t really have sex for a very long time this way… A 7 minute quickie is probably your best bet.

If you get tired and you’re both not finished, you might want to try standing doggy style. Once again the guy must be very stable and he must spread his legs apart to make sure that he can hold his ground. This way you also won’t be touching everything around you. Your guy needs to keep both of his hands on your hips and go back and forth thrusting his hips.


Standing Doggy Style

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Pole Position

The Pole Position is in theory the best position out there if you’re an ass guy. You have a full view of your girls ass while she is doing all the work.

So here is how you accomplish this position, the guy needs to lay down on his back. The girl to make sure that the guy is hard can do a little BJ. (we can never say no to one). Keep one leg down and one knew bent. Whatever leg feels comfortable, don’t forget to open up the legs.


Once it is strong and firm the women can now mount the erect penis gently. She must be on her knees for this to work. Her legs need to surround the guys leg, she should be in a 45 degree position. Her vagina should be pressed against the men’s thigh. She needs to keep her back straight this whole time and use your bent knee to guide her up and down. Her vagina will be taken care of not only by the penis but also by the rubbing caused by the thigh. Basically you leg is used as the Pole.

Also if she is into anal massaging the man will have two free hands (if you’re not too busy spanking the girl or just grabbing her ass). Great combo.

The girl I tried it with really enjoyed the rubbing against my leg. She didn’t come this way, probably because she wasn’t vaginal. But I got her covered by eating her out after. Don’t forget to always try your best for both parties to come. I know sometimes it sucks, I’m always tired after sex. If she’s a good lay I want her to remember me as a giver also.

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