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sex position Spoon 0 Try This Sex Position: The Spoon

For this edition of Try This Sex Position I want you all to try an easy sex position: The Spoon.

If it’s not already in your repertoire of sex positions, prepare to have your mind blown.

First, lie down facing the same direction as your partner.

Ladies, you’re going to want to get your knees forward and push your butt out just a little bit. Penetration can be achieved easier this way than if you were to keep your legs and butt perfectly straight.

Guys, it’s your job to lean in and find the sweet spot so that you can create a good thrusting rhythm. If you’re having trouble getting in, just ask her to raise her leg.


Even though you’re not facing each other, I think you’ll find that The Spoon sex position is one of the most intimate sex positions known to man. Just let your breathing and limps synch up with one another until you’ve achieved the level intimacy you require.

What’s good about The Spoon sex position is that you can do all sorts of bonus stimulation. Kiss her neck. Play with her tits. Play with her clit. I don’t know, try it and see what works for you.

The best time to attempt The Spoon sex position is usually in the morning. Think about it. You should already be spooning with your partner after a night of pretty good sex. As soon as you wake up spooning, you have to commence foreplay. Then spooning will progress naturally to The Spoon sex position. It’s truly a remarkable thing.

This will also work if you have trouble sleeping and you wake your partner up with some tender kisses or gentle boob fondling.

But let me get one thing clear here, never attempt The Spoon sex position wake-up without consent. You’re a fucking loser if you do.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable attempting The Spoon sex position, resume the Missionary sex positon immediately.

sex position Missionary 0 Try This Sex Position: The Spoon

If you attempt this sex position this weekend, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments!

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