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sex position Waterfall 0 Try This Sex Position: The Waterfall

This weekend, try this sex positionThe Waterfall.But before you try this sex position, make sure that at least one of you is flexible.

Move to the edge of the bed, couch, table, desk, or hood of the car.

Guys, you’re going to want to lean back all the way until your shoulders and head hit the floor/ground.

Gals, this is when you’re going to want to straddle your man.

This sex position is called the Waterfall because lying on your back in this way will send blood rushing to your head (like the way water rushes down a waterfall). This rush of blood to the head will cause intense sexual sensations that has a high chance of ending in orgasm.

If you feel any discomfort in the head or shoulder region, or if you think you’re going to pass out while attempting the Waterfall sex position, it is imperative that you sit up, move back onto the bed and resume the missionary sex position.

sex position Missionary 0 Try This Sex Position: The Waterfall

Good luck everyone. Make sure you tell us about your own experience with this new position in the comments.

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